Abortion related mental weakness and depression - hold you experienced it?

I'm currently working on a very involved report that covers the concluding 30 years of women's health - specifically those who enjoy had abortions and whether or not they own, since or before later experienced any form of mental illness similar to depression, bi-polar, paranoia, schitzophrenia, feelings of worthlessness, substance or alcohol rough up, promiscuity, inability to bond with intimate relationship partner or other children. If you own any of these symptoms and have have an abortion, even if you don't feel the two are related, I would appreciate your help out. answers remain anonymous. if you would prefer to send to my email that's fine. katy_bug7@yahoo.com. This is an substantial issue for anyone who has experienced abortion since 1973. If, in opposition, you have have an abortion and experience no mental or emotional infection, I'd like to hear that too. this have nothing to do beside a religious study. thank you so much for your interest.

yes i have, i only turned 17 when i became pregnant. My boyfriend be adopted and didnt similar to the idea but wasnt the most reliable any, my parents thought i ruined their lives as well as my own and give me a list of abortion clinics and told them to pick one and that be after i decided to preserve the baby. after my dad thought i did it on purpose so i could move out until that time i was 18 and i feel like i have no one to turn to and lately so desperately wanted things to obtain back to majority and the boyfriend floated out of the picture ... i went through next to it just to go and get things back to ordinary, i was worried and called a babe-in-arms killer by girls who found out, looked down upon, regret it to this hours of daylight, became greatly depressed had a tricky time looking at children and thought of joining a support group but never did because i feel resembling its salt on spread out wounds. come to find out when my brother turned 16 he got a girl pregnant and my parents be happy grandparents and help out wonderfully well, righteous for the baby but it broke my heart that i wasnt treated that course, with no support. i still breaks my heart to this morning and when i see a child who would be mine's age, about 4, i other wonder. i feel approaching i messed with things that should not be messed next to. now 22, i cant keep on to have a child and am instigation to think something may own gone wrong with the abortion because i dont feel i can become pregnant. to those out there dealing next to pregnancy and scared, return with as much, and i mean ALL the facts and net your decision from you and your mind one and only, dont let ppl influence you because no average person ever looks at their child and regrets have them, and whatever choice is made, you are the with the sole purpose one that is living next to that decision the rest of your energy.
I want to answere but I don't trust you.
I believe there is a resolved link beside my depression and a horrendous abortion that was preformed on me beside out my consent, I went contained by fro a tubal ligation and ended up next to a badly botched abortion, I be fourteen weeks pregnant, and had a six month frail baby boy at the time, the thrilling impact on my life is huge, and after twenty three years, when the word abortion is used, I progress straight back to those days , I hold suffered from depression since this trauma, and believe that a lot of my depression is post natal depression, never diagnosed and never council lead. This happened within a major hospital, and my and I bring to light my doctor explained his actions be because he thou ht I didn't need another babe-in-arms, after obtaining my medical report throughout the freedom from information conduct yourself, I found , that they panicked, when they found i be pregnant, and attempted to tear my little one out of me. I ended up near an incomplete abortion, my baby's name be Jessie, boy or girl, and I miss my Jessie, the word Abortion makes me cry.
I would hold to say, as far as the science of this go, almost all procedures hold some sort of mental stigma. If a woman aborts and regrets it, it may own a direct link to what the woman's surroundings are and her sociological circumstance. If she lives in a religious nouns, is religious, or later connot conceive children, I can see an otherwise "normal" thinking woman becoming distrought. It take a strong woman nowadays to stand up surrounded by her convictions and to face domination.

I have have an abortion and suffered no adverse mental problems. I'd have to influence that your research needs to include specific regions, broad perceptions, and possibly connected stigmas. Remember, the topic you are researching on is not black and white - there is so much else going on! It will be VERY firm to narrow down research to focus on exact cause while excluding the population that already has these issues, if the issues be caused by something else, or by society.

Good luck!

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