If i readily enjoy an A-cup, will my daughter enjoy one and the same size as ably?

Is there anyway I can grow out of my A-cup short breast implants...purely wondering lol

Just because you are an A cup doesn't mean your daughter will be an A cup. My mom is a double D, and my sister is an A, and I am a D. So mothers don't control their daughter's cup size. The solely way to modification your cup size without implant is to gain weight or use a pad bra.
There is some good info at this site
no it is abnormal
Your daughter will probably have around equal size breasts as you... and without surgery, there's no method for your breasts to grow if they're done developing.
it depends on your daughters genes so she might not have like size bra as you. as for you i dont think you can carry bigger without purchase weight or implant.
Your daughter could be any size. It depends on how big your mother is, her fathers mother, and you.
no every human man has hiers own structure.
it depends if the dads home has a different size cup.
no. it is inheritance of which breast size a daughter will get. It could come from any woman of relation. My mother is a small B and I am a sizeable D, which everyone thinks come from my great aunts. So you cannot really predict what size breasts your daughter will have base on your size. For you to enlarge your breasts in need surgery you would most likely enjoy to put on some weight. But beside putting on weight, you could exericise the other parts of your body, to stay lean. Also you could conceivably try to work out your pecs to enlarge your breasts.

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