(( girls only)) When did u return with ur term?? <<survey for my womens robustness class>>?

im doing a project on the menstrual system..i hop e its not rude but i dont want to walk around and ask...

i would really aprricaite if i have positive answers

I was almost 13.
I be 9 years old. I'm 13 immediately.
when I was 17
I'm immediately 21
14 almost 15
when i was within seventh grade so 13yrs aged and my bf's sister got her's at 14yrs
i be in fourth echelon i believe.
i'm not sure around what age.
prolly around 10 years old.
11 and im 15 in a minute
i was 13 4months away from 14 (and you)
the sunshine i was 12 and a partially im 13 now but i started my spell when i was 12
I be in 7th position. I was 12. My freight was somewhere between 100 and 120 pounds. ( I hear a theory that bulk influences when your period starts )
When I be 11, now 13.
At the age of ten.
I be fourteen! very cool you are doing a project on this! within my college anatomy/physiology class we had a total exam over the menstrual cycle and ovulation cycles and such...and i was so intrigued that i own made it into a career (nurse surrounded by women's health) hope it goes okay hun!
i was 11.
I be in the eigth level, 13 years old.and I've despised every second of it. haha :P
i was 14.
when i be 12 yrs old
I be 13. I heard that corpulence in children somehow contributes to untimely period starting, something in the order of the body fat content. I'm not trying to upset anyone but u should look into it
11 or 12
I was 13.

I am in a minute 14.
I was 13 when I first started my time of year
I got mine when I be 13 almost 14. Incidentally, you get your spell because you've achieved the right personal body shipment to have a child. Age really isn't a factor, it purely occurs during puberty between 9-15 mostly.
13 years old.
i be around 12
in 8th title in the mid of the year so i guess that would be 13 or 14?
I be 7th grade, 13.
i be 12 and i am 16 noww
Was 11 (6th grade), now 14.
I WAZ AROUND 11&1/2 & NOW IM 13

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