4 girls ONLY! gross feminine interrogate?

ok, so is it bad when you travel 2 the bathroom & wipe & when u wipe there's like a pale or greenish colored goo stuf there? is that close to an infection or something? it also smells gross.

its an infection for SURE go carry it checked out nothing is supposed to be green
I've never have that. You might want to do some research or go to your doctor.
yes you enjoy some kind of infection. I suggest you achieve to the doctor asap. Green and yellow are not the colors you want to see.
Go to a doctor and ask for a copra check and tell him what you posted here
I've never have this goo you are talking going on for...go to the doctor asap.
Infection. Go to a gyn.
is it lately after your period? not that singular then
you don't right to be heard how old you are. It might label a difference. Sounds bad, I'd see a doctor.
you didnt articulate whether you had sex not long, it is normal for the vagina to discharge and you may be dried up,
make sure to drink plenty of wet
Sounds like you enjoy a yeast infection, get it checked out
Thats some class of infection...wish I could share you which one but, be sure to go to your doctor soon!! Dont try any home remedies for it, that could fashion it worse.
it sounds like a possible vaginal infection, resembling a yeast infection. go to the doc, they can thieve a culture.
Yeast infection
It is possible that you have a infection, articulate to your doctor. The cause may also be your time of year, when its ending or setting up you might get those side effects. It may also be the opening you wipe, always wipe down because when you wipe up you can spread germs that effect things like you condition.
ok, yeast infection. you must a) shift to your doctor then b) i own one word for you my friend, Canesten! they have the 1 daytime treatment, 2 day treatment and the 1 week treatment. it will be gross but you will be aware of better (i used to work in a pharmacy lol i swear, the plea i know this is not bc i get them alot *looks side to side*) youll be virtuous
Go to the doctor. That is definitely s symptom of some concerned of infection.
its an infection see your g.p.
go to your doctor.
you may hold a pimple or somethin that you popped and its causing an infection
pallid is one thing..but if in attendance is green in in attendance than u hav a problem....go to a doctor!

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