After you enjoy sex for the first time is it majority to not own your term?

he used a condom and im on BC but im 3 days late and im usually alike day every month. Can have sex effect me not having my interval?

I don't think have sex can effect your period. Could you only just be overly anxious to have your extent because you had sex for the first time and you are worried that you are pregnant? He used a condom and you are on birth control? Seems similar to you had your basis covered.
get a testing!
Not unless your pregnant.
how do you not know that you're not pregnant?!

come on! ur pregnant! is it a boy or a girl?
only if your pregnant sweetie
Yea i guess it could. But it shouldnt effect it greatly much. If you dont get your length in the subsequent 4-6 days i would def take a preg exam. Even though u used a condom, they are not 100% effective. goodluck!!
you could still be pregnant..the individual fool proof way not to be pregnant is stinginess. BC is only 98% and condoms 97%. Could be stress related though
no not merely if youre pregnant. these people are trying to alarm you. hormones can do many things. if you are worried, find a pregnancy test and try it, or keep on and see if your period comes soon. stress used to deferral my periods adjectives the time.
When I started having a full time sexual relationship it changed my cycle by a couple of days and I be on the pill.but you had better bring back a test because it doesn't nouns promising... Good Luck with that
mayb stress or ur preg

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