A quiz 4 the ladys one and only...?

when we be on our periods why do blobs of blood come out..it feel disgusting when it comes out .ewwww yuk.

i really hate it whwn that happen!!
uhh I dunno
they are just blood clots. it's conventional.
um im sorry i wouldnt know the answer to that haha
old blood that clots up
its a blood clot
M n M is right
its the shedding of the inside layer of the uterus. it happens every month, some are different. its ordinary up to a 'blob' bigger than a dime, then you stipulation to get see by a dr. I just don't resembling the cramps that come with it!
'clots' yeah lol gross ay? i kno. I learn at school that its the facing of the uterus that comes out when our periods are stocky
Because some of the menstrual flow coagulates as it gets elder and this is the way it comes out next to the fluid stuff.
it is normal.
"Dark, chunky clots of blood can be immaculately normal. Many women return with them during their menstrual period when they own days of heavy cramping and weighty bleeding. Your body usually makes things call "anti-coagulants," that keep your blood from clotting as it moves to your vagina and out of your body. But during days of calorific bleeding and cramping, your body is pushing blood so quickly out of you that your body does not own time to release these anti-coagulants. Your blood then clots. If you own clots that are bigger than a quarter, it is a good conception to talk next to your health perfectionism provider."
As your uterus contracts it pushes the blood out. Your period is simply what was built up to hold a little one. when conception does not happen it have to come out. It is built up for a month so ya its going to be a lot. Had conception taken place it would build even more blood. Just some FYI incase you did not know.
Sweetheart those are merely blood clots. Perfetly normal... everyone have this happen.
ur untrained.ur gunna have ur term for a long time, get used to it.
It's only just the nature of the experience. Yes, it's YUK. Maybe you could try the fresh pills that regulate your periods to just 4 times a year(?)
Yeah, Just Blood Clots! Totally Normal,
You Know That Now.. But Just Thought Id Grab Some Points! Hehe! X
Some of it is the shedding of the lining of the womb.
Sweet child, the processes by which we become women can be extremely frustrating and sometimes disgusting, in no exception to the globules of blood clots that you may discharge during your monthly cycle.
Unfortunately in attendance is nothing you can do, so long as in that is not a great deal of twinge and discomfort, and it doesnt detter you from living your life, try and put up beside the few days monthly
Don't worry...be aware of good..carry checked out..
Honey, it is normally fine.mmm...none of us approaching it...
however, if you blood clots to heavy..I miserable clots..not regular.Tell you Mom, or go to a hospital...big clots are a sign that you are hemorrhaging.
If you are OK very soon, please go to a doctor and explain it..
If you be not worried, you would not ask us.
Hope all is in good health...You do not have to feel if its ok...as I said, go to a Doctor or hospital...Do not verbs about money...The organization gives alot for folks that do not have It. It is call Charity care...
it call clots
they are blood clots,perfectly conventional according to my doctor.
dw! it's only blood clots!
It is the excretion of what be necessary to gross a baby so that process the egg, the lining of the womb which an egg would drive in onto had it fertilised and any mucus plug which would build up to assist secure a pregnancy.
The pool liner coming away from the uterus. Blobs of blood aka Blood clots.
they are completly normal and yes bumpy
have you tried taking feminax for the affliction i find them very obedient but i get awful period as only hold 4 a year

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