Girls solitary...please?

Ok I always see stuff almost discharge my sister is 16 and im scared to ask in the order of it.what is discharge.???i dont have my peirod nonetheless but mabye ssoom.when i wake up sometimes within is something like boogers within my underpants...what is discharge?

eww - discharge is the small amount of whiteish fluid that comes out. You should definitely sermon to your older sis. she probably would love to chat to you about it.
thats discharge. its close to pre period stuff its gross but itll turn away. think of it as pre come
Discharge is a conventional occurance. It's a sign your body is cleaning itself or getting ready to own a period.

If it's resembling cottage cheese and smells, then it is a sign of a yeast infection. If it's any unusual color and have an odor, it's due to an infection. You would need to see a doctor consequently

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