(Ladies Only) Should I be worried almost this.?

My period go up on May 12 in which it stayed for more than 5 days next it came put a bet on down two weeks and four days later. Should I be worried roughly this??!!

If you got mid cycle bleeding and own been on your pill for more than three months next you may need to step back to your doctor and obtain a stronger pill.

I had to try 5 or 6 different pills up to that time I found one that didn't give me breakthrough bleeding mid cycle.
i dont construe so..due to hormones or stress your period could fluctuate and metamorphosis. Get on birth control to regulate it
no, every girl has irregular period if you really concerned then speech to your doctor
Nothing to worry roughly speaking at all, My period are really strange and its just down to the hormones within my birth control pill.
if your on the pill and you have problems.ring your doctor! the pill should make you enjoy the normalest periods! if you don't, possibly you need a different helpful,,,,,only dr. will know for sure!
Okay. It depends on how matured you are. I would talk to a GYN but dont be two concerned it can be chance especially on the pill.
well it is colloquial mainly if you are younger your body is still caring of a little confused

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