I stopped taking the pill over a month and I haven't gotten my period. Is this normal?

What can I do to get my period?

Yeah, I stopped 5 months ago because my husband and I are trying for a baby, the first month came about 1 1/2 months late, then it was good for 2 months, then I was 12 days late, now I am 19 days late... with negative pregnancy tests. My doctor said it usually takes 3-6 months to get the birth control hormones out of your system. Totally normal, if your real worried about it you can ask your doc, but this is what mine told me :) I hope this helps ease your worrys!
Good luck, Toni Lynne
wow i am going threw the same thing!
very normal. my wife took the pill for 6 years. stopped taking it and didn't get a period for 6 months. she talked to her girlfriends and doctor about it is quite normal. you will still run the chance of getting pregnant though when off the pill.

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