A friend of mine have sex and discovered two days after that the condom be still surrounded by nearby?

it was still surrounded by tack not busted is this dangerous what should she do

find a bf beside a bigger tool or buy smaller condoms
she should take an aids and pregnancy trial
If your friend was that stupid, she shouldn't be have sex. Who the heck forgets about the condom after sex??
The doctor usually say to wait for it to come out a bit than digging for it. She should be fine, but if she's concerned she should just agree to her doctor know to see what he thinks going on for the situation. I think if she be going to become physically sick, she would have done so by presently.
Didn't the guy notice it be missing? If she has not already gotten it out, she should remove it in a minute or go to the dr. and hold it removed. She could be pregnant, so she should go to the pharmacy and acquire the Plan B pill asap (it's only successful up to 72 hours).
That's seriously disgusting. Her vagoo must seriously be a black hole if you couldn't feel it. Didn't she perceive when he pulled out that something was missing? Wow, she sounds too young at heart to be having sex anyway.
lol! dont play games when you dont know the rules.
[no comment]
im sorry but this is lately so funny i gan gaurentee that in a few years you'll be laughing at it too...

anyway bring back the tests and if she can't get hold of it out on her own have someone at the hospital do it
jump to the doctor right away to get it removed!
She should pocket a pregnancy test contained by around 3-4 weeks an take an aids examination too.
I dont' think this is possible unless she didn't be in motion to the bathroom for the two days
check for std's pregnancy and douche--don't think the latex cause problems for being inside that long.
Get it removed and carry tested for diseases and pregnancy. If its in in that that long I'm sure fluid leaked out. Also, if you walk out something in at hand that long she could get an infection. This is why you ALWAYS hold onto the remnant of the condom when you come out.

By the way, how exactly did it run your friend TWO days to realize there be still a condom in in attendance?
I'm gonna call bullsh-- on this one. There's no route she could go two days previously realizing it be still there.
She requests to go see her gynecologist to grasp an STD testing done and hold a pregnancy test done as all right.
If it is less than 72 hours ago she wishes to take the morning after pill.
okay did the guy not realize when he pulled out it be missing? As most condoms have spermicide it kill most of the seamen but their is a chance it could own gone in her, unless she is on birth control she really have nothing to verbs about if she is not relate her to go see her doctor right away.

Tell her not to be so stupid
She should use feminine keeping products. That's just mean. Doesn't she wash properly?
Uhm, your friend should try cleaning up afterwards and be sure everything is accounted for subsequent time.
throw it away
run to the doc for one thing!

and what a great guy to not identify the condom had slipped sour... if i were her, that dude would be done

she desires to be tested for STD's (even if her irresposible fella claims to be clean)

as for being pregnant... its too untimely to tell next to a normal examination, she will probably have to hang around until she is late, or see roughly speaking a blood test from her doc (but it might be too impulsive even for that)

good luck...

and ending time i checked (referring to one of the answerers) we dont urinate out of that part of our vaginas!! OMFG! is that only just a common misconception or what?! in that are 2 (yes count them 2!!) holes! (sorry e1 got a moment or two graphic!)
no, it merely means that it slipped rotten during intercourse. the only sector about it that may be fruitless, is that it was up nearby for a while. tell her to scrub herself really biddable to clean the germs, and she should be great. if anything looks different, own her check with her ob gyno, she might enjoy a rash or a sort of irritation.
I'm sure it be you and not your friend...the guy you had sex near should have specified the condom was missing and told you. He's an *** for not adage anything and when I actually surmise about this scheduled I don't believe it.
Oh my how scary! Well as expected she should see her doctor ASAP. She is at risk for infection. Remember that condoms have chemicals on them and to leave your job a foreign object contained by a naturally drizzling place is most definitely grounds for infection. Germs live surrounded by moist areas.
She should take the morning after pill so that she doesnt achieve pregnant and I once read online about an injection that she can appropriate in 72 hours after have sex to prevent HIV. Ask her to see a doctor. If she didnt notice or have a feeling it, what about him? how come he didnt check the condom to throw it away! He is disgusting!
NASTY!! Huh wat the hell? didnt she have a feeling..nway she should seek medical lend a hand 2 days too long!goodluck
get the doctor to remove it. dont consent to her do it herself she can get an infection or mark part it "it"
be in motion see her dr to make sure she does not hold anything.
So, teeney-weenie didn't notice that he lost it, any? I don't know what to think. Both participant should have cleaned up afterwards. I don't know how he couldn't enjoy known that it wasn't still on his penis when they get done. And how could she not know she was walking around next to a condom stuck in her for 2 days? How gross and disgusting can general public be? If she's having sex and not cleaning, she should be rotton down in that.

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