Abortion and anal sex?

i have have an abortion three week ago. a few days ago i had anal sex next to my boyfriend and my abortion bleeding had stopped a bit beforehand. for some reason, right after i have anal sex, i'm experiencing heavy bleeding that looks brown and shadows red [sorry if i disturbed you] and light gas. i thought it be from my *** but i think it's from my vagina. support me!

I would say see a doctor. You plainly put too much pressure in the nouns and caused some bleeding.
Aren't you suppose to loaf 6 weeks?? Geeze give it a rest if the dr say DONT have intercourse I presume it means DONT enjoy intercourse!!!
You are one class act, aren't you. Go see a doctor. BTW, grown content is against YA guidelines.
I can't believe u killed ur newborn! how sad! a living item that never got to see daylight or its mommy and daddy's face. never got to own birthday. don't u feel approaching a murderer? if u don't want a child than stop having it! poor entry!
Doctors tell us to do things because they know. By have that kind of intercourse, you applied pressure to your uterus, and might enjoy retarded the healing time. If i be you, i'd go to the doctor, soon.
I can't want if you're a trooper or just hold a really insensitive boyfriend. Either way, see a doctor. Don't consent to anyone make you be aware of bad going on for your abortion. It's your body and your choice. Good luck!
thats discusting. how could you take away some innocent babies time because you were stupid and didnt use protection.
You made a mistrake and your newborn is the one that paid the price. Did you ever stop and meditate that you could have carried to possession and gave the tot up for adoption?? This baby could own brought great love and joy into the lives of a couple that cannot enjoy children of their own. Don't do the crime if you are not willing to do the time!!!
GO TO THE DOCTOR!! You may own torn something!!
Not trying to judge you but slow down and contribute your body time to heal. It have been through profusely and you may do something that ruins your ability to act regularly.
And as far as everyone downing you for your abortion you should reply that you gave details to an honest sound out and if they are going to offer their opinion they could at least answer the examine too!
SORRY That just really irritated me!
Good Luck

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