..throwin up..??!?


welll i have never thrown up...but i own tried to sooo many times..but nil ever comes up!..its sooo annoying!!
i eat something like 200 cals a day..more or smaller amount..
and i want to keep it that process..
except when it comes to dinners and cant always receive rid of them..i have to devour dem...and i always try puke it up but it never freakn works!...i no i shouldnt be doing this...but i dont presume i have an intake disorder because iv only be like this for a few weeks...and i a moment ago wanna loose a bit of wait..il stop when im high!...
can ne1 help me on ways to take sick?!..
and how much wait will i loose if i munch through 200 cals a day!?
x x x x x

Don't throw up.
It's the worst item you can do.
I didn't consume any calories a day unless I have to and I ended up getting hospitalized next to ANOREXIA.
It's NOT worth it.
You can end up dieing of stomach rupturing.
You are self VERY silly.
please stop now and receive help. this is not dutiful for your body
If you're only ingestion 200 calories a day, why the hell would you want to catch rid of the food you DO eat?

Stop adjectives yourself, make a unadulterated plan. Diet and exercise.
a way you can sick is to hold eating the passageway you are and then you will be comatose and you won't have to verbs about how slim you are!
hey, the only process to loose weight is to put away healthy and exercises. Don't ever try to throw up because the acids contained by your stomach can mess up your throat and you may never talk again. you also will bring back very sick and it might be mortal if you don't stop. Take this advise and use it prudently. Good Luck.
If you only devour 200 cals a day, YOU WILL DIE. draw from help very soon! BTW: It sounds like you hold bulimia.
200 calories a day is satisfactory to put your body into starvation mode: that means you will own more trouble losing weight after if you ate 1200 calories a day. 1200 calories is something like the lowest recommended amount to eat and keep going enough nutrition to be well and lose weight. It take 3500 calories to make a pound--or lose a pound. An average teen girl should consume somewhere around 2000-2500 calories a day, could me lots more if she's live in sports or similar endeavours. If she drops to 1200 calories a day, i.e. approximately 800 calories less a hours of daylight. 3500 divided by 800 equals: loss of 1 pound every 4 days. That is a safe amount of counterweight to lose. Losing weight too promptly can lead to overeating and bulk gain quickly, frequently more than be lost. It can become a continuous cycle. Lose it slowly and keep it stale. BTW, are you really overweight, or just wanting to look approaching an anorexic model? I'll bet you look just fine and what you really necessitate is a self-esteem boost. Whatever you do, FORGET the idea of throwing up. It will inflict tooth decay, throat ulcer, and can even lead to bleeding contained by the brain. Brain bleeds can lead to strokes and annihilation. You seem much smarter than that.
Um, you don't in actuality have to be even practicing throwing up to be considered bulemic or have an eating disorder. The disorder is one of the mind, not the body, doesn`t matter what it is in your mind i.e. actually making you reason this is a good view - that's the disorder - get relieve now past it takes control of you.
Hunnie you requirement help. Your really wounding your body...Being "too thin" is really nasty. You want to own some meat on you. You do have an intake disorder although it may not be anorexia or bulemia. Please get help out before it's too belated.
Stop doing that 2 urself.Get help cuz u enjoy a problem

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