!!?wats this?!!?

k..yesterday i had some brown types discharge...even today morning aftr cumin frm academy it was within on de panty. but since then ,aftr i changed....zilch...my mom said dat i have started ma period.is it really SO??????
Plz hELp me oUT!!!!
since i knew dat ....i m putiin a cotton..zilch has come out.....wAT sHAll i dO?????

It is promising you have started your spell, or you will start soon. If you only have it a little bit, afterwards it's likely not to be your term. Your period can be a bit dodgy at times, so don't verbs if it comes too early or too belated. You can search on a investigate engine such as google for information about the 28-day cycle. I hope you're okay though. You can also gossip to your mom a bit more - she will give you lots of information that might prove of assistance in the adjectives. Hope this helped you and moral luck.
It sounds like you're starting your time to me. The first few times could be really small and scattered for you, it's average, your body is getting used to it.

Good luck!
accept that you own your period and verbs, and congrats on entering womanhood!
How old are you? It is probably your time of year. Mine started at the age of 12 and as a tiny red dot in my panties. Use appropriate sanitary supplies (pads or tampons - tampons are usually used as you achieve older, as within are risks involved). Don't worry, period are a normal section of life. It is the outset of your fertility cycle. Your uterus builds up a blood rich lining surrounded by preparation for an egg to become fertilized and attach to that lining. When at hand is no implantation of a fertilized egg (called a zygote), this lining sheds and it's simply way out is through the cervix of the uterus after the vagina. This usually occurs every 28 days (or every month) until menopause. Congratulations! You're a woman very soon!!

But then again, probably you have an infection - if in attendance is no sign of bleeding and only brownish discharge. Are you sexually stirring? Maybe you've caught an STD. Now, Thanks for the thumbs down! Hope you have more to fret something like now!

Oh, and your spelling is horrible, perchance you'd get better answers if you know what you were discussion about and could in truth spell. Sorry, stupid isn't curable.
First thing you should do is RELAX! Your body is varying and it will be OK. It does sound similar to your period is coming. Put on a pantyliner and forget going on for it. You will know if you start your period and next to the liner on you don't have to verbs about your panties. Have you and your mom talk about what you are gonna use? Either pad or tampons? Nows a great time to talk it over next to her or at least product up your own mind on what you want to use. I know that all the crazy stuff our bodies stir thru is nerve wracking but honest honey a short time ago relax and watch for more body change and be prepared. Keep communication with your mom unscrew and that will help you out profusely. :)

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