*ouch*can anyone minister to me?*please answer*?

ok,im having minar pains contained by my lower stomach,and every time it happens,more discharge comes,idk what this is?
lend a hand please?
*no i dont have my first time of year yet,if anyone is wondering*

if the discharge is a weird yellow or green or have a bad odor after see a doctor....it could be and STD although i doubt that you are sexually active if you are immature enough to not enjoy had a spell
if the discharge is whitish or clear then you are probably getting your term.heating pad, Tylenol, or Midol help cramps
you probably want to buy some pad or tampons in overnight case you get your spell soon
if the pain continues much longer or get worse see a doctor right away
good luck, i hope i help
p.s. please give me the best answer(i entail the points)
goo to your docotor
Sounds like you own a sexually transmitted disease. Get it checked out!
I think it resources ur almost havin ur period thats what happen to me but i could be wrong
sorry i can't help... hopefully ur a short time ago fine, GOD bless u!
sounds like you are going on for to have your first interval. Tylenol and/or a heating wipe should ease the cramps.

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