Am I round?

I am 13 years old and my counterweight is 48.2,my height is 160

Definitely not, except underweight.
If you want to calculate your BMI, you can follow this cooperation. It tells you whether you're average, underweight, or overweight (which no problem does not apply to you).
No girl your skinny
your inly 48 frekin pounds!!!!
doode eat similar to 10 big macs geez
No you are not.
NO WAY im 10 and i way 97 and am 5.1
Doesn't every girl reflect on she's fat? Damn it's polite to be male!
No...but you know that
i thinku have it mixed up do u weigh 160 and is your echelon 48.2 if this is true then you are cooking oil if it is like you put it consequently you are anerexic
HUH? WHAT? height of 160? wow! that make you over 14 feet soaring! actually, you necessitate to lose just roughly 25 pounds and you will be fine
48 pounds and 160 inches or feet?
No,your height above sea level n weight is ok
are you kid? Ok, here's what you do:
Eat healthy
Exercise regularly
Enjoy your young at heart life
Ask this interview again in 5 years when it matter.

Oh, and by the way, unquestionably no! You are not fat.
Assuming you are using metric (48.2kg and 160cm) you are on the fluffy side of ideal plane to weight ratio.
Considered average weightiness from your BMI - 18.
But I would say on the tough side. Some countries still use 20~25 as their acceptable immensity.
no u're must have the coeficient between 18 and 25 (normal) and yours is 18.83 so u are regular
your 48 pounds.! Dude, EAT!!!!

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