50 y.o. woman, not menopausal, requirements to touch arroused.?

I want to better understand my hormones, and hormone replacement psychoanalysis, to work with a medical professional, to create the opportunity to have a feeling that natural foreboding of arrousal. I just don't carry it, hardly anymore, typical of the 50 y.o. feminine story.

It's pretty unusual for someone your age to not at least be surrounded by perimenopause. And hormone replacement therapy is solitary effective if you are within menopause. It's also not done as much any more since they've found it has a dignified risk of problems. There are a whole lot of things, both physical and mental, that can trade name it difficult to become aroused. The first thing you should do is chitchat to your doctor about the problem and own a complete physical. Then, if it's nothing physical, a touch therapy might facilitate. Or even testosterone if your doc thinks it appropriate.
try some porn, it may basically do the trick.
Omg ur OLD u dont need arousal
be in motion and find yourself, a younger man. That should get you arouse.
Find a younger couple and win in on a threesome near them =)
I'm 51 and I'm right there beside you, sister. HRT (hormone replacement therapy) helps somewhat. Sometimes other medication, specifically for blood pressure or diabetes, may reduce arousal also. There are topical hormone creams that can abet as well.

Good luck!
Get married to a suitable man. He can help. Lots of foreplay and loving attention will also minister to. They now enjoy a viagra for women. You might try that.
Books are amazing for this kind of entity! Don't listen to a doctor, go to Barnes and Noble and gain a book, there are plenty of them I know - especially beside hormones and hormone replacement therapy, also you might want to read "The Secret" it will confer you all the answers.
At 50 you should still receive aroused. Maybe the whole bedroom scene have become mundane. Try setting a mood with candles and malodorous oil burner. Get your partner to spend more time on your requirements, rather than only satisfying his own. Talk to your partner, notify him what you need. You'll hold a whole trial love life.
Try using some of the KY Jelly products.
I'm not so sure I believe contained by HRT, a therapist, adjectives that. We humans have be around for thousands of years, those things have be available for a relatively short time. I speculate that part of the difficulty lies surrounded by the complexity of life, surrounded by knowing and having experienced so much more very soon than when you were at your "sexual peak", and the common objectification and devaluation of individuals in our current society. 50-year-old women, (I'm guessing here but conceivably 80-year-old women) can be very sexy and enthusiastic, but insecurity resulting from the tendency surrounded by 90-something % of men preferring a 2 22-year-olds to a 44-year-old is at least member of it. My thoughts on your question are that you could be fundamentally aroused by tenderness, high temperature, kindness and appreciation for your matchless abilities and traits, your wit and charm, full acquiescence of your physique and appearance as you are now. This take a rare man--it is easier said than done to find him. True soul-stirring arousal does not result from men using filthy native tongue and sending you pics. It comes from a touch that reaches in you to a spiritual place, affirms you, and acknowleges your overwhelming and fiery-hot passion capability. Don't think 50 years behind the times, and if you wish to touch yourself don't harbor any guilt; it's not your reproach you don't have instant access to a gentle but attractive soul who can fulfill you. You are a handsome and totally arousing woman, we just live surrounded by a predatory and mercenary environment.
Some of the replies here are really so bad I hope you did not even read them and some are rather good. First you stipulation to feel apt about yourself. Go to a book shop and find a really sexy fresh...women become aroused more with words than men who are more aroused by pictures and movies. When you read that book put yourself into it and slowly you will find yourself attitude sexy. If you have a man contained by your life try dressing up for him matching night after reading...touch him every accidental you get...yak sexy...tell him how womanly he make you feel and by building him up you also build yourself up and front him to the bedroom where you can slowly head him to know you...slowly lead him to swot up who you really are..a dynamite woman who only a woman your age really know what love, sex and affection are all in the order of. It is a fact that so oodles younger men race after women your age and is it a wonder?? The younger women may flaunt it but own no idea what to do near it and older men aim them out so as not to face veracity..a real man will want to be beside you. Good luck and enjoy. Cherie

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