(girls please!) support!?

how do you "trim" down there?

Shaving works fine. Just take heed and use shaving cream, soap doesn't work as well imo. And stir slowly! Shaving can also be a little irritating the first few times and you might procure some bumps. There's a cream/lotion you can get call Bikini Zone that I hear works pretty good within relieving any post shaving irritation. If you don't want to go completely showing you can use a beard trimmer and make it really short. I believe near is a trimmer out there to be exact made just for that constituent of the body. Or you can go and bring back it waxed somewhere. There are tons options. Good luck.
u acquire scissors and cut with them
next to scissors or you shave, just look out
i just shave. nought special.
sand paper works



or shave
shave or wax.
cut shave or wax
you could wax, shave or trim near scissors
get some sissors or why not shave or why dont ya try wax

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