Abortion pill?

I am curious about the entire process. Could someone please explain within detail everything that would happen from the doc's pop in to side effects, and phases of the pill(s).thanx

I took the abortion pill about a month ago. I go to the clinic for an initial visit to confirm the pregnancy and form an appointment for the actual abortion. On the day of the abortion I go into the clinic and was near for about two hours contained by total. They did an ultra sound to label sure I was far satisfactory along for the procedure and did some lab work to make sure I be healthy satisfactory (checked my blood pressure, iron, etc.). After that there be a brief councelling session where they asked me how I have come to the decision to abort (I assume this is to assure that the women is not mortal forced or coerced into the abortion) and explained to me what would happen and what to expect. After that they give me the first pill, which you take at the clinic (this cause your body to stop producing the necessary hormones to verbs pregnancy) and they give you pills to pinch 24-48 hours later. The second set of pills rationale your uterus to contract so your body will expel the pregnancy tissue (you will pass clumps that can alter in size from the size of a bean to the size of a lemon, depending on how far along you are). Two weeks after you will enjoy to go rear to the clinic so they can make sure that the pregnancy finished and that there is no remaining excess tissue disappeared in your uterus.

As far as side effects progress, they vary from women to women. You will most markedly bleed and cramp. They do give you a prescription for a anguish killer approaching vicodin as well as recommend taking ib profen resting on that. Most women describe the cramping as only sightly worse consequently their periods, it be a lot worse later that for me! You can also get ill, vomit and have diarreah. The cramping should achieve better once you pass the pregnancy tissue, which should be inside 4-5 hours after you take the second set of pills. The bleeding can later for a few weeks and can come and go.

As far as more serious side effects travel they are very bloody but possible. With a medical abotion (the abortion pill) the chances that the pregancy will extension are 97% where as near a surgical abortion the chances are 99%. So you probability of remaining pregnant, while small, are greater. They highly recommend getting a surgical abortion if a medical abortion fail because the attempted abortion could cause birth defect. There is also the possibility of infection, which could range from smaller quantity serious (like a urinary tract infection) to very serious and life-threatening. It will not effect your skilfulness to get pregnant within the future.
Abortion is unpromising you should not even think give or take a few it!!!1
Are you talking almost the morning after pill? You need to help yourself to that within 24 hours after unprotected sex and after a second pill when you're told to.
I am assuming that you are referring to the "medication abortion", and not RU-486. Here are some links that I think you may find exceedingly helpful:

Well, you hold the pill and it effects the levels of progesterone within your body. Progesterone is the hormone responsible for keeping the egg implanted in the uterus. This pill (RU 486) primarily cuts off the progesterone, the egg or embryo consequently cannot stay attached in the uterus, and the body expels the egg/fetus out of the body.
in that is a pill that you can take i hear it hurts and theres a lot of blood when i hear girls tell their story i be i would talk the pill afterwards fall asleep surrounded by the tub. I'm serious they say its alot of blood and cramps associated near that pill. Oh you take right earlier bed and in the middle of the darkness you wake up a bloody mess
I've never experienced this, but from what I become conscious it would go approaching this. Girl goes to doctor, girl get prescription, girl fills prescription, girl go home and takes pill(s) according to directions, girl spends a year or two making frequent trips to the bathroom, where the contents of her uterus come out.

Keep within mind the abortion pill and the morning-after pill are totally different things. The morning-after pill does NOT cause an abortion, it prevents the pregnancy from occurring and can individual be taken within the first 72 hours after sex. The abortion pill can be used during the first several weeks of pregnancy. I don't know if this is for you or if you're only just wondering, but in any luggage, good luck to you!

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