5' 2" 104 pounds am i oil?

i feel it

Gain some self-confidence, and if you quality fat work it bad instead of being indolent. I'm 5'3", 120 pounds (probably more) and in no vehicle am I fat. I exercise. I drink right.
you need to gain shipment are you sick? sound sick
you should weigh btwn 95-125lbs ... so...no
stop "feeling" the cooking oil and go work out.

Or better on the other hand:
We don't need anymore stupid girls perpetuate this dumb "Am I fat?" sh**

If your asking, afterwards Yeah, you're fat.
god no....
i resembling my women around 65 lbs
It's people resembling you that I want to smack. YOU ARE NOT FAT. You're probably just going through an "Aunt Flo" phase. It's uncommon to see an adult below 100 pounds. Most healthy women weigh 120-140 depending on their loftiness. Gain some weight! Just because society say that you should be super skinny like a model doesn't scrounging that you need to be. Be yourself. Guys in actuality prefer a little meat on the bones! (I know this for a certainty because I have a guy!)

Here, get through a cheeseburger.
stop looking for a confidence boost off ByeDr.com. and drink a sandwich.
Definetly not fat. You're any bloated or you have a unpromising self body image.
No, I meditate your're underweight. I'm 5'3" and I'm 144 pounds. And I'm not fat. I work out greatly. Why are teens so skinny?!
Go eat some pie, because I it.
Da da da da daaa I'm 'n it! ;)

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