Allergy to birth control/stopping in the middle through pack?

I started birth control for the first time almost two weeks ago. I had some problems next to irritation "down there" that may have be caused by the pill, and on my 11th morning of the pill I broke out in horrible hives adjectives over my body. I ended up going to the ER because it be so bad and my breathing feel kinda weird and they told me it be an allergy to the pill. I stopped taking it today, will not taking it anymore mess me up even though I wasn't on it long? And how long does it take to procure out of your system?

I would talk to the doctor who prescribed it to you and speak about her/him about your allergic response first and they can determine from there what to do subsequent. Please don't take the pill anymore and it usually takes 48 hours for the sensitivity to get out of the body. It take 2 weeks-4 weeks or sometimes longer for your hormones to balance out again and you'll identify that you'll have a longer time.
its shouldnt after just 2 weeks..though you may start to your cycle might be irregular for a little while..

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