"Now You may kiss the bride"?

I am myself a Christian well surrounded by India we don't have this practice presently u can kiss the bride stuff...do u think is it right shud we enjoy this culture here?

It absoulately depends on what you feel comfortable near. Church ceremonies can be completely stiff and formal and so a quick closed mouth peck on the oral cavity suffices - it's just a kiss to "trademark the deal". It's not unheard of to practice the kiss before the big year - i'm not sure if you're ceremony would be an "arranged marriage" as is popular in India - within this case I suggest it would be completely fine to not kiss. It's up to you, the last item you want on your special day is to be humiliated or embarrassed - you're the bride it's adjectives about you!
Nope. You're apposite.
Nick I think Cyril is a guys.
In Church Ceremonies contained by India this is normally not practised. It is simply a culture thing nil to do with the actual honeymoon rites.
But I've known relations to kiss each other at the reception after the cake is cut.
My husband kissed me after we signed the marriage ceremony register, without the priest recounting him to do so.
A marriage is not a bridal if it is not "consummated", meaning that the couple must own sex at least once for the ceremony to be complete, but instead of have the couple copulate in front of the intact community, the Christian Church has see it fit that the couple kiss one another as a sign that the copulation will be taking place soon.
Even surrounded by Government/legal terms, copulation is required to consummate a wedding vow.
If a woman can prove that she is still a virgin after the wedding have taken place, she is legally entitled to go off her husband without giving him reason for her departure. She is also allowed to have the conjugal declared insolvent and non existing.
So you see, everything has to do beside the sex thing again.
That is where on earth the traditional kiss comes from.
It is a bad practice to kiss the bride within public on the day of the wedding ceremony, and a couple of days later to hold a street fight beside the bride, again in public.
It is better to set off the married life within a sober and simple way. U can kiss the bride contained by the privacy of the bedroom. Begin the long married life, slowly, and ensure that love grows slowly and steadily. There is no use to publicly kiss, and exchange blows in private, and bring the skirmish out in public, at a following date.

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