A little more discharge than earlier (its not an infection)?

im 12 and have vaginal discharge. i am not sure how long i enjoy had i for though.later night i saw that nearby was a touch bit more discharge than usual. i've noticed that i've be going to the bathroom a little bit more too. could this show i might get my first time soon? i've looked at infections and their symtoms online but i didnt find anything that matched what i have. so i know its not an infection. i suggest i read something about an increase could propose something... but it wasn't anything bad. i really hopeo its my time comming soon. do you think it is??

It's everyday to have a discharge, and for the concreteness and quantity to change. Don't panic! At 12 it's unlikely you own an infection. Is there an elder girl you can confide in to reassure you further?
hey, that happen to me!

i remembered when i got my first dischargee.
i be crying like a motherEFFERR.

anyways, youll be finee; dont verbs.
& youll be getting yer period soon.

surrounded by about 1-3 months i should say-so.

if this doesnt help, tell to yer mom about it<3
It is an indication that your term is coming and just as long as it doesn't burn when you run to the bathroom then it's a sure point that your period is coming within a week or two. You'll be fine.

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