Almost 2 years after c-section...?

I give birth to my child almost two years ago. The incision is not gone (like I hear from other women). The gyno told me it was a keloid (spelling??). That is not the problem. After I have the c-section I was incompetent to sleep on my side for a while because of sharp pulling sensation on my two sides . Now, after almost two years I still feel this exact same discomfort sometimes. I also have matching feeling of discomfort around the nouns as I did after the c-section when I empty my bladder. I told my doctor in the region of it but she did not really think it be a problem. I am also having trouble concieving although I become pregnant within one month for the first little one. I will go to the docotor again to ask her roughly speaking any problems that are causing our inability to hold another baby. I am not totally delighted with her but she sends me to this giant risk pregnancy group that I absolutely love and trust. Any thinking about what could be cause this pain?

chutzpah entrapment is one idea but also plain ole adhesion's spindle close to scar tissue some population develop but also caused from the cautery they use during surgery to stop little bleeds, if you keloid than you most imagined develop adhesion's also for the scar you can own them inject some steroids to flatten out the scar for the adhesion they can laparoscopically remove them but this isn't extraordinarily successful for long term as they return glibly and the surgery to remove them can cause more, when you bring back pregnancy again and repeat c/section they will remove them, consecutive c/sec always purloin longer as a majority of women have them and don't even know it.
If it be less than 2 years I would speak infection, but since it's been so long my literary guess (I'm an OB/GYN nurse) would say it is of late a very sensitive defacement or at the extreme end it could be chutzpah entrapment where blemish tissue forms around healing nerves and roughly "strangles" them. You have to remember that next to a C-section the cut goes from your outer skin through your uterus so in attendance can potentially be a lot of blemish tissue that forms. I would bring up nerve entrapement at your subsequent appointment and see what they say. This should more than feasible not be interfering with becomming pregnant again... every pregnancy is different and can appropriate much different time to conceive child to child. Hope this helps!
Some doctors blow stuff rotten when there is a problem. Get to a couple doctors and interview them. Do not ask them for a diagnosis at the interview or you will be charged. Just ask question to see if you feel the doctor would listen to you and attempt to solve problems. That is the single way to progress. Get a new doctor.
Everyone else have given you what I think are worthy answers about the problem next to your scar.

Unfortunately, cesareans also transport the risk of secondary infertility. Should you take pregnant again, you will want to seek a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) next to your future pregnancies surrounded by order to minimize the risk of complications adjectives cesareans will bring to your future pregnancies. Many doctors are greatly hesitant to attend VBACs because they tend to be slapdash by inducing and using other interventions that increase the risks, and are therefore lawfully risky, so most doctors will try to talk you out of a VBAC. For this function, you will want to find a doctor or midwife that is supportive of your plans.

It's also extremely important that you follow your gut beside respect to your doctor and find someone you trust and that can give you answers to your question.

The best way to find a VBAC-friendly midwife or doctor is by going to . Click on "Community" and afterwards "Local Chapters" and search for a chapter within your state.

You can also join ICAN for support and suggestion at .

Best of luck trying to conceive!

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