"White Period"?

Alrighty im 14 and i ha my first period o April 20th of this year (if that matter.)
Im not sexually active im still a virgin.
So im definatlyu NOT pregnant.
The closing few days i've had a fowl smelling white disgarge( cant spell lol)
Im not sure whats wrong. My ending period be on May 25 ( if that helps any).

Usually the white discharge way you're ovulating. Every girl goes through it. That happen about two weeks up to that time your period. But if it have a really bad smell, you may want to consult a doctor. It could be an infection.
Yeast infection possibly?
Sounds like a yeast infection. See your doctor. There are ons of over the counters meds for it.
Could be thrush if you are itchy at adjectives, or if you are ovulating sometimes a you get a thicker discharge.

As you you are not sexually influential, its probably nothing to verbs about. Keep an eye on it, if it doesnt clear up, have a word to your mum maybe see a doctor, but theres nil to worry nearly.
when your that age the "whit discharge" is something to excpect. But it shouldn't really smeel Too bad.
Once my sister said She have more than usual and it smelt bad and it turns out that she be sick, and they actually own a medicine for that. You shoul tel you mom to set up an appt. beside a doctor for you. Just incase it more than the Usual stuff.
Sounds like a yeast infection. Do you also enjoy itching and maybe burning ?
Yeast infections are adjectives, they can happen from unflattering wiping after voiding . Always wipe from front to fund. Talk to your mom, she will tell you in the order of yeast infections and how to deal beside them.
im 13 and this usually happens right around the time your roughly speaking to start but it is completly normal
if its itchy afterwards its a yeast infection
see your doctor or take over the counter meds.
they enjoy capsules that you lately insert into your vagina that make it better.
they usually come near an applicator and you put the capsule surrounded by the applicator and insert it in, close to a tampon.
also they come with creme for the external.
im me if u own more questions
This is not your time of year. Many females have white discharge, the vagina is a self cleaning organ, so it's cleaning itself out. Your discharge is probably not this, because this have no scent. Because your discharge is foul smelling, you could have a yeast infection. Talk to your mom or your doctor.
During ovulation, most girl capture some sort of white or clear discharge. Each has a significant smell - some of it have to do with diet. If the discharge is accompany by itching, dryness, burning, soreness or if it is cottage-cheese-like or chunky, then you own a yeast infection. If the discharge is yellow or brown and it smells fishy, consequently it may be vaginosis. See if it goes away after your extent. If not, ask your mom to take you to the gyno for a checkup and they will share you for sure so you can rest easy.
Some change in diet that aid: limit breads and sugar, devour lots of yogurt and drink plenty of water.
sounds close to a yeast infection
Your body is still changing and getting used to the reality that you are now properly a woman. But the odor is what seems worrying.It could be a yeast infection.
Since you are not sexually busy it could be from improper tampon or wad use.
i get that too. its zilch unless if you have reddishness or itching then it might be a yeast infection. hope i help!
The white discharge is just ovulating. Every girl go through it. That happens give or take a few two weeks before your time. But if it has a really discouraging smell, you may want to consult a doctor. It could be an infection.
If you're experiencing a period where on earth the odor is stronger than that of your usual menstral scent, then you inevitability to visit the doctor. A muted film that's almost clear is ok, but if the motion picture is milky white and or even yellow, you should ask your doctor, ASAP! Don't loaf...just find things checked out.

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