A give somebody the third degree for women and doctors?

i have other had regular period that have last no more than 3 days until i had my implanon shoot since then my period have be eratic and lasting a week or more.i own now be on a period for 3 weeks and 2 days hold a very swollen stomach and some torment,can anybody tell me if this is everyday whilst on this implant or is it something else cause it?

OK this is not rocket science.
You need a pregnancy try-out for a "swollen stomach" and abnormal bleeding--both agreed side effects of that drug as well as pregnancy (molar or not). A pelvic ultrasound would be a perfect thing too. And ask for a blood type and antibody peak and a baseline CBC. Go to the emergency department and get this done presently. They can get you set up next to gynecology for follow-up.

Even the best birth control (except for abstinence) fails.
Hope eveything works out.
if you already have a normal peiod it is not unusal for birth control to mess it up. some individuals accutualy take b.c to formulate thier period more regular. but dont verbs it is pretty normal you may only just have to try a different b.c
it may merely be your body getting used to the new hormones or it may be the wrong dosage for your body. I enjoy this prob. alot with heaps birthcontroll too much i get sick not enoughf i get hold of my period everyother week. Talk to your doctor to be sure they may enjoy to remove the implant.

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