A snatched cross-examine?

i am 17 years old and hold been have sex since i was 16 and my boyfriend like it when i am on top but i find it more difficult. . what should i do?

It is easier if you lean over and place your boobs in his frontage and slide up and down rather than bounce. Your knees do not wear out as at a rate of knots and it is ten times more enjoyable if his mouth is upon your breast and sucking a bit then you simply bobbing his knob, per se.
Or you can turn backwards, reverse cowgirl and slide that way.
My hubby loves any one and I am 27 weeks pregnant and still ride the rocket.

Hope this helps...want more info...you know how to reach me!

Blessings and hugs
put in the picture him that you dont always want to be on top and its harder if he really like it he will help out a bit
bring up to date him to get over it cuz you close to the bottom..and if he doesnt agree..tell him the sex is over
Tell him you are not comfortable approaching this, that it works better for you a different way. It is confer and take unsurprisingly, so you may still have to be on top sometimes, but ask your boyfriend to guide you and support you to make it easier.
purely tell him that u dont other like 2 be on the top
try unknown positions and find one you both like, sounds similar to he may have a stagnant streak!
practise makes unblemished!
have him make available you support to hold on to like hold him put his arms up and you push down on them its kinda hard to explain but in that is another one that has a pic but its a send-up so its ok but yea you can also use a chair hold him sit on it and then you purely surprise him but sitting on top of him i.e. a little bit easier honest luck
Take the lead and find a position to be exact comfy for both of you.
Above all sort sure you are using contraception!
your an idiot...in a grill u just asked 3 hours ago, u said u be 16..why do u have so heaps questions roughly u and ur boyfriend having sex? ugh...i doubt you are valid.

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