After you loose your virginity?

how are you suppose to feel? I know everyone is different. But i be just wondering roughly expirences.


I felt loved. A little disappointed too because I thought it would consistency better than it did. (It got better though lol) However, afterwards my boyfriend and I simply cuddled and held each other until we fell asleep. We've be together ever since, and we had sex 7 months surrounded by to the relationship and have be together for over 2 years. If we broke up tomorrow, I'd be very hurt, but I wouldn't regret that I lost my virginity next to him.

I think that as long as you're beside someone you love dearly who loves you back, it's ok to own sex. Most marriages don't even ultimate forever, so I don't feel you call for to wait for marriage ceremony. Yet, that's just my view.
If the person is your husband you discern great. If the person is a boyfriend who you subsequent break up with, you grain dumb. If you weren't ready AT ALL, later you really feel resembling crap and may be sad.
hmmm idk but im curious too!!
if it wasn't near the right one you'll feel cheap!
i am still a virgin...
so i dont know.
You're supposed to discern guilty because you're not supposed to have sex until you're married and most without doubt you'll start to be considered a ****. I'm sorry but that's what the truth really is.
Disappointed! It gets better though.
Well my first time be at a party, contained by a swag (sleeping bag) on the cold ground! so many citizens walked olden, drunk and saw us! i felt so embarrased BUT it happen and i cant take it support now so im not to worried!
I feel let down. I be fairly young at heart, and he was a bit elder, and I guess I just feel like, Oh, that be it? It wasn't much one way or the other. I feel kinda disappointed that now I be supposed to be a "woman" or whatever, and I didn't really perceive very different at adjectives.

I guess, looking back, it's freshly one of the steps in the big ol' spree of life. It's resembling growing pubes or your first period. It's gonna come up to all of us (ok, most of us) sooner or then, and we all do business wth it differently. Would I go put a bet on and change it? No, do it's all member of who I am now.

Have a moral one! :)
like a bright shiny star or a shiny up to date penny (cause that's what your worth now) so wait till your infirm enough to bar the consequences

if you dont want peoples advice afterwards you should not ask for it on because you should know by know that is what your going to receive most of the time.
Honestly, the real truth is this.

You discern guilty if you later on break up near a guy after sex with him. Say, you'll run into a better guy in the adjectives and you'll want to give everything to him instead.

Guys also want pure girls surrounded by real go. The trust is, a real guy will stay next to you no matter what because he loves and respects you.

If he leaves you, he be just after a hore to hold sex with.

Plain and simple, sex it best previously marrige, that way in that are no regrets in your natural life.

No matter how much pressure a man will put on you, read out no until you know they will be around for a reeeaaalllly long time afterwards.

But if your just a plain outdated skank (not saying you are, of late taking in nonspecific here), then you'll other feel used, unwanted, worthless, cheap, repulsive and a hore. No matter how much you try to stockpile it, every girl feels similar to that.

Men are basic, plain and simple.
virginity if a proof of self clear from sin and being loyal to your adjectives husband in this covering it is very considerable in time and the people that they don't hold they are unloyal and nitwit.
hey thats cool if you feel that you are equipped to have a kid while you are still below 18. but personally it dose not consistency any different afterwords
im a virgin now i cant consistency

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