? for the ladies... Do you find that women contained by indistinguishable house give the impression of being to modify like peas in a pod cycle?

Just wondering.. are there any facts bringing up the rear this? And what about the moon and adjectives.. someone told me that has greatly to do with a woman's menstrual spell. Any help is appreciated, thanx!

This be from my teachers powerpoint presentation:
Menstrual Synchronicity
Women living close together (e.g., college roommates) develop synchronous menstrual cycles
This is thought to be because they release two (as even so uncharacterized) primer pheromones
One prior to ovulation that tends to speed up the beginning of ovulation in others
One after ovulation that tend to delay the beginning of ovulation in other women
Both pheromones are released from the armpits
Not detected consciously as odors, but presumably trigger the hormonal change that mediate the menstrual cycle
All I have is personal experience, but surrounded by high conservatory I got my extent the same light of day as my mom. Then I moved into the dorms and within a few months my roommate and I be in sync. After that I moved into an apartment next to a new roommate, and matching thing happen, within a few months we would start on one and the same day. So from my experience I would read aloud yes, women in equal house adapt to like cycle.
I know im not a woman but. I remember learning in the order of how women in impossible to tell apart household adapt to own their cycles together over time. Unfortuantely i do not remember the experimental reason and i cant find it by questioning. Hope this helps.
Yup it's specifically true. Women living in close camp together will synchronize their cycles.
I have notice that. Yes. You start out with different dates/cycles consequently after a while of living together your cycles catch up to one another and hit in days of each other.

I don't feel it has anything to do w/the moon. If it be the moon our periods would cycle matching no matter if we lived within the same household or not.
I'm more inclined to dream up it has something to do beside exchanging energy - chemical reaction in response to sensing respectively others premenstrual tension (emotional/chemical or physical changes).
Or I don`t know it's part of our instinctual mechanisms- Competitive fertility (a factor of inbred selection - survival of the fittest law)

I'd be curious to know if there's is a proven inflict for this phenomenon.
Yes they do and the reason for this surrounded by the social setting is so there is smaller number chance that they will be impregnate by the same guy. If adjectives the women in the household ovulated at different times it would be undemanding for the dominant male to shift from one to the other to the other when they're wet and be the father of adjectives their babies, which is not good for genetic diversity. When women ovulate at alike time they are more likely to duo up with different males.
Yes this does occur and not only living surrounded by a house, but I have found it happen around the office as powerfully. In my office several of us who work close together enjoy found we are on the same cycle.
individually I feel thisis true my twin and I acquire are period on like day and if we dont I other get itthe time after she originally gets hers I dont consider theres any evidence leading to this but due to my answer and the others I believe its true but if you find out Id really resembling to know god bless

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