What is the tallest largeness of any woman ever surrounded by the world ?

"In 1976 Sandy Allen was declared the “world’s tallest woman - living” by Guinness Book of World Records. Allen is a towering female at 7′ 7 1/4″.
There is some debate on the internet about if Allen is still surrounded by fact tallest. De-Fen Yao have been measured at 7′ 8 1/2″. This have not been confirmed by Guinness Book though. (What do these relatives do?) However, TallWomen.org makes the point that if she is “only” 7′ 7″ which some sources claim, she is still taller than Sandy Allen who can no longer stand up straight and is desolately confined to a wheel-chair now. If Sandy could still stand her bodyweight seem to have cause her back to arch so she can no longer be considered to be 7′ 7 1/4″. I agree that any way Gunness Book requirements an update."

Trijntje Keever (1616-33, possibly tallest woman ever) 8'4.4" [2.55m]
Marianne Wedhe (1866-84, Germany) 8'3.6" [2.53m] (at 16 yrs.)
Zeng Jinlian (tallest woman this century, China, died on Feb. 13, '82 at 17yrs) 8'1-3/4" [2.482m]
tallest height wtf, why do you attention to detail, my mom is 5'11 not everyone is 5'5 or below, all depends on where on earth you come from
Sandy Allen is 7'7".
In 1976 Sandy Allen was declared the “world’s tallest woman - living” by Guinness Book of World Records. Allen is a towering woman at 7′ 7 1/4″.
Well Sandy Allen is the tallest woman according to Guinness book of world records at 7'7 1/4" . However Yao Defen have been measured at anywhere from 7' 7 1/2 to 7'8 1/2", which medium she's either slightly shorter or slightly taller consequently Sandy Allen. Her height however have never officially documented by Guinness and every source seem to give her a slightly different plane.

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