3 period this month, is that middle-of-the-road?

i got a interval this month and it was a couple weeks behind schedule. it lasted a few days afterwards stopped for a week then get another one for a couple days then it stopped for a week afterwards came stern today. my periods are irregular and im not pregnant so should i be concerned?

Definitely see a gynecologist. This is not textbook commonplace, by any stretch of the imagination. Don't freak out, though.

I used to have start-stop period, though nothing as extreme as yours. For years, I would enjoy 5 days of bleeding, a full day at most minuscule of nothing, next another day or two of bleeding. In my travel case, I was found to enjoy endometrial polyps that were (probably) flopping down and blocking my cervix, not letting the bleeding finish. Then, something would move them and the bleeding would finish.

Irregular bleeding, whether it follows my outline or not, can be a sign of polyps or fibroids. It can also be a sign of many other things that are smaller number benign. A list of possible cause that you can peruse while waiting for your gynecological appointment can be found at the website below.
you sure should be = go to the Dr
You poor piece.
have you changed drinking habits? because that can throw it sour.. or exercise can too..
No, it's not normal.
Get it checked out by a doctor, incase it is something serious.
Good luck.
yes greatly concerned
i know how that feel contained by the way because i get my periods twice a month since april of this year until very soon but my last time was june 10 and stop for 3 days and afterwards its started again on june 28. maybe you move about to the woman doctor to make sure and see what going on?

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