(womern only)...I mistakenly fell asleep beside a heat wipe on my belly (bad cramps)?

it was on a high-ranking setting for about an hour.could this do beyond repair damage.will i still know how to have kids?

no you will be fine!! :)
dont worrie.
they take home blankets that heat up that you can sleep near..
you are OK don't worry
I don't guess so since people who own had boil stroke can still have babies.
Don't verbs about it. :)
thats not dutiful...but I don't think it will affect your fertility..but it can affect you (especially if you do that often) because of the electro fascinating waves.
yes , warmness doesnt affect that area . lone if the heat be from the inside.
the manufacturer does not recommend that you dive asleep with the setting on large due to the fact that you could possibly grant yourself 2nd or 3rd degree burns to your skin...but it have nothing to do beside your reproductive organs
You're fine. Don't worry in the order of it. You will still have children.
chill out !! ur fine i did that formerly it hurt for a couple of days
its like burning ur tounge it hurts for a couple of
days but it'll be fine lately give it time
it shall be fine i own done it many times dont verbs because i have become aware of that the more you put strain on your self te more pain you cart in !

***gud luk***

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