Advice please?

I am 17 years old and going on birth control

The lone thing I'm worried nearly is I get really impossible cramps from my period and I be wondering what the best thing to do for this would be.

I've hear BC alone can help, but I've also have suggestions to get on the pill that give you only 3 or 4 period a year instead of 12.

Please help ...

I am sorry for the desperate experience you've been have with your time of year. Have you tried "mind over matter" techniques close to visualization, imagery, accupuncture; other homeopathic technique like manipulate? Also, believe it or not, exercise (walking, jogging, elliptical) have proven to measureably reduce the affliction of menstrual cramps, and even eliminate it surrounded by some women. Before going on the hormone pill that restricts your periods to 3-4/year, fashion sure you do your own research on the science behind it and long-term effects. Keep surrounded by mind that your monthly period have a function, and that one part of the body effects other parts of the body, and that by altering any one of the parts, you are in fact having an impact on other parts, approaching a domino effect. Also, as advanced as medicine is today surrounded by the 21st century, we still know very little in the order of the comprehensive roles of hormones. Some women who have used BC pills seem to be to have no adjectives ill-effects, however, others, once discontinuing them, seem to enjoy problems associated with the use of them, such as infertility, or a especially difficult time becoming pregnant once they are ready to...That man said, let me once again cheer you to seek other methods of nouns, as mentioned above, and secondarily encourage you to really do your research, as these hormone pills may appear to alleviate that problem, but may in turn exact others which may be even more serious. Best of wishes to you.
The pill will help next to cramps and also shortens you cycle
All of those things will help, the irth control is repeatedly what ppl used to control these things anyway, so I think it should do a moment ago fine for u
I would NOT get on the pill that give you 3 or 4 periods a year. Its not full-bodied no matter what the doctors read out. I was on it for a year and It almost kill me. The point of a period is to release what your body doesnt entail up there...don't mess beside that. Plus it made me really depressed. Birth Control can help next to cramps...not always. When you surface it coming on take some advil. :)
I would utter just progress on the pill and see if it helps! If it's really super bleak, you could try the one that gives you a smaller amount periods per year - not individual will you have smaller quantity periods to settlement with, but it'll probably help out with the cramps, too, anyway!
Those Therma-care grill wraps that you put on your tummy are EXCELLENT for menstrual cramps. The pill should actually breed your periods lighter and shorter and lessen the cramping. I don't construe I ever had cramps when I be on the pill.
Check with your doctor more or less Ponstel
You will be a lot happier on the pill. Trust Me!!
My cousin tried the pill that make you have 3 or 4 spell a year and had SEVERE cramp during her first period while using that doesn't surface to everyone, but is definitely something to judge about. The pill will unambiguously help you beside your cramps.

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