Am i alone??

alright, so i absolutely dread getting my extent. I only use reading light pads, and I own to change them every hour and a partially. I have to stir up 3 times a night to jump to the bathroom and i have to sleep on my side so my interval doesnt leak. I cant even do typical stuff during the day--i usually stay home because i dont want to go out and own to use the bathroom so often. I also dont do sports or anything during my time and try to plan around it. i always hold to stay in weird/awkward positions so that it stays on the wipe and im so SICK of it. any advice?

Either use bigger pad at least at dark or use tampons...
use tampons
try depends
try tampons - and don't let your time ruin your life for a week
Tampons--they will cash your life.
powerfully use regular pads for one entry.. u could also use a tampon w/ a light wipe...
you shouldnt put your life on hold when you hold your period. if it does take on your underwear its no big deal.. Just wipe it in the sink w/ cold hose and soap at the end of the hours of daylight
I do have that problem sometimes and I simply wash them out and shift on
I be like that when I first started. I suggest tampons, they changed everything. I could even shift swimming!
why don't you try using tampons or one of those pills that cause you to acquire your period singular four times a year. One is called SEASONALE. Best of luck
i wouldnt use hurricane lantern pads because u enjoy more of a chance of to seepage . i would do sports cuz it regualates ur period and it help with cramps if i dont run i my term i get fruitless cramps , i did wrestling for school on mine .
I'll afford you 'half' of what you say you 'must do' ... but you do requirement to be more 'active' during your period and the answer is to buy HEAVIER pad, and wear 'dark skirts' ... and don't be so 'quick' to change your pad because you will 'smell them' before anyone else. And yes, I get 'sick of it' too ... but just dally until you are past forty and are perimenopausal. Do you enjoy a clue why so many women between the ages of 40-55 wear black pant all the time?
you may own a fibroid or cysts causing the fatty bleeding.need to stir and have the doctor look at you.sometimes a d&c is needed to scuff out the lining so the bleeding will slow down.
Learn to use tampons and/or catch a pad for heavier days. There is no sense for your period to halt your go altogether. If your periods are excessively robust, different pad or not, next tell your mom to cart you the doctor as that is not common.

I suspect your biggest problem is that the pad you're using is far too small for your wants and that's why you have to conveyance so often. A more all right pad for your amount of flow will increase that to where on earth you change once ever 4-5 hours.

As for overnight, buy the long pad designed for overnight. Trust me, they're amazing.

Hope it all works out for you.
Use a thicker wad?
I've tried the whole pallid pad singular thing but it get on the underwear too much.

I only revulsion my period when I'm have bad cramps, when it make me extremely moody.. or when I'm suppose to sleep next to a guy friend of mine. (That's the worst because 1) spooning next to them I feel so awkward and approaching I should tell them, 2) have to worry in the order of waking up near a stain on the pants)
Use tampons and see your gyncologist to see about getting on the pill its will majorly cutback your flow and make it unadulterated predictable ..also greatly decreases the cramping near alot less flow ...
The coil is one of the best ways to solve this problem.
The pill is also used to.
My guidance would be to go and see your doctor so you can work out whats the best entity for you..
Use tampons and/or bigger pads.
okay first of adjectives throw the light pad away
use these pads call stayfree maxi
they are maxi super long
they sell them within walmart and theyre so confortable
and with them you can sleep the full night verbs free trust me
light pad arent for the night
and you can play sports near them
its kind of fruitless to be inactive during your spell
just work like you dont enjoy it and you'll get used to it
hope this help :D
Don't plan your life around your period. You are going to get them every month for tons years and there is no bearing around that.
I think the best route to not let them interfere next to your life so much is by using tampons during the daylight and those large super/maxi pad at night. If you use the generous tampons, you won't have to translation them as often and you won't own to worry almost how u sit or what you do during the day. The huge pads will allow you to sleep uninterrupted explanation they will be able to hold your attention more fluid. If your flow is really heavy, you might hold to get up once, but its still better than getting up three times!
If you don't want to use tampons, you can simply use large pad with more absorbancy during the daytime, at least you will own to change it smaller quantity often. Wear comfortable, tighter underwear during the hours of daylight and jeans or something so you don't have to verbs about the wipe being inconsistent or stains.
Do whatever you would in general do during the day, freshly make sure you hold on to pads/tampons with you somewhere you go; restrooms exist almost everywhere you walk. You have to acquire used to going out during your period, you can't sit at home for four days every month.
If your period are really *that much* of a problem, you can get on the pill beside which you only capture your period four times within a year.
Hope this helps :)

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