What is wrong next to me? please answer!!?

ok because i' am in my extent i use pad but i suppose they are making me an infection cause when i pee it hurts a great deal and i pee a little bit and i get the impression like going adjectives the time! please tell me what i hold!! or what you think

blondi girl is right, it looks resembling some allergic reaction. Change the brand of pad. It may cause infection subsequent. It may be the first time you are using those pads. I can think about how much you must be enduring, and I hold full sympathy for you! If you can find some soothing cream/lotion, you may apply it there. And jump for a check up. Good luck!
bladder infection see your doc..
yeast infection?
it could be that you have kidney stones...or a urinary tract infection..you should travel to the doctor and get checked out
Sounds close to a unrinary tract infection. Drink lots of water and cranberry liquid and also go to the drug store and pick up some AZO medication. Good luck.
You're right--you might hold an infection. Go to the doctor.
you might have a bladder infection
Sounds resembling a kiddney infection. Go see a doctor.
Sounds like a bladder infection. Those can be drastically painful when you enjoy to pee. Call your doctor and make an appointment. They can prescribe you medication and clear it up within no time!

Refer to the following web site for more information.
It sounds most close to an STD. You should get checked.
budge to the doctor is what i recomend mabye u have and and allergic aversion to the pad try a different type.
I devise you need to see a doctor to some extent than ask for advice from complete strangers on the internet.
tlk to ur doctor (there smart)
sounds similar to kidney stones. i used to have it and it's a misery in the butt but if you stir to a doctor they can help you gain rid of it pretty fast.
It sounds approaching a urinary tract infection. You will have to budge to the dr for antibiotics. You can drink cranberry juice to aid also. The pads you are using might be making it worse. Try a different brand.
Sounds approaching a urinary tract infection. but we here aren't drs so you really should seek medical warning don't wait to long
bladder infection... DOCTOR...

progress jr go
Seems similar to a bladder infection. Get it checked out.
My wife had a similar complaint once, and tried to "ride it out" hoping it would dance away. When she finally went to the doctor, they told her she should hold been see IMMEDIATELY when the problem began. It's most imagined a urinary tract infection, which if untreated can cause kidney problems.

sounds resembling a bladder infection. GO to the drugstore and get the over the counter Urinary throbbing relief pills, ( ask the pharmasist) they will turn your pee ginger but the pain will security and the frequency will lessen. Call you doctor for an appointment because you may need an antibiotic.
A bladder infection, also call a urinary tract infection or UTI, can infect any part of the urinary tract, and occur when bacteria get into the bladder and multiplies in the urine.

A bladder infection cause inflammation of the bladder and urethra. Bladder infection symptoms usually include one or more of the following:

The need to urinate more than usual, habitually passing small amounts of urine, a sudden want to urinate, pain, burning, or other discomfort during urination, the necessitate to urinate at night, aching in the lower tummy, urine that is cloudy, have an unpleasant odor, or has an unusually strong smell.

Go to a doctor and return with treated before your problem get any worse!
Sounds like a bladder infection. See your doc, he'll afford you a prescription for the infection and to curb the pain and drink lots of dampen, stay off the sodas and drinks beside citric acid.
you probley enjoy a kidney or blader infection see a coctor rite awaw
poor you, you have a bladder infection turn to your doctor and get some antibiotics, l hold had this type of infection myself and found it to be really painful. virtuous luck
Not a doctor here, but it sounds like you own a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). It's not from wearing a pad, but most plausible from the way you wipe (back to front=not good) or sexual contact w/someone who be not clean. It's not an STD but a twinge in the *** when you do own them. Pregnant women also tend to come down w/these a lot, but I own no clue why. I have found that taking cranberry supplements, and drinking lots of cranberry liquid helps tremendously, but you should probably move about to your doctor first.
Sounds like you enjoy a urinary tract infection. See a doctor quickly, as it won't take better on its own. You need to be checked and possibly be treated next to antibiotics. UTI's can advance into the kidneys, cause serious illness but for treated.
Visit your doctor to see if you have a urinary tract infection.
Sounds resembling you have an urinary tract infection. I've have it twice. It really has zilch to do with your time of year. You can get it from not wipe properly or sex. you should really go see a doctor. If you start to carry a fever and passion really nausous then the infection is really impossible.
Its a urnary Tract infection, I had it close to 2 months ago. it fuc*in sux! i hated every min of it! move about to the doc. the meds he will give you for it work great!

well brought-up luck.
sry you got it.
i know they are horrible.

Love Andie
You appear to own a urinary tract infection. Go see your doctor and tell her/him your symptoms. You'll pee within a cutp and they will look for bacteria contained by your urine. If you have an infection, you will cart antibiotics for 10 days and you will be done. Bladder infections are usually caused by wipe back to front instead of front to subsidise. By the way, a Bladder infection is when you hold let the UTI run too long n the infection has gone to your bladder...If you fall up peeing blood, you have wait too long...

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