ADVISE PLEASE!! as lots answers as possible thank u!!?

Hey all economically i am ttc and this is my first month at charting, the reason im charting is because my period are irregular, i went stale the pill in Jan 07..i never really took the pill properly i other missed them etc..anyway when i went past its sell-by date in jan i have a 34 day cycle next 26, then 34 again after 51!! and im currently on day 24 of my up-to-the-minute my question is why are my period so irregular? im only 20 i hold no health problems, i put away pretty well etc..some culture say its because i go off the pill but ive be off it for 6months in a minute what causes irregular period? oh and although my cycles are irregular my actual period is equal every month...light to sweet to light and 6days..never change...thank u 4 all the answers!!

You must ask your aid provider (the one who told you take that specific bc) and explain. This usually happen if the hormone levels given are too low (low hormone pills, for example). If you hold been taking it as supposed, you shouldn't hold late or rash periods.
Actually, because you go off the pill is probably not the lone only justification to throw your periods out of whack. Some reason for irregular periods could include PCOS, which is for cysts on your ovaries. Could also be stress. How long be you on the pill? I had to chart mine as in good health being irregular, and ttc, I intellectual to just enjoy sex every other day and try not to stress roughly speaking it and that seemed to work. Anemia could also be a judgment for irregularity. Do you have low iron level? Diet could also affect it, not eating satisfactory or being overweight is a strain on your hormone level.

Best thing to do is ask a doctor, or look up on the network for these things, see if you match. Hope this help you.

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