and i havent started my period on the other hand, is that normal?

anywhere for 10-18 is run of the mill. enjoy it while you can, raison d`¨ētre once it comes youll have a week of bleeding near cramps and backaches and headache and bloating and cravings and being tired!! dont we adjectives just love person a girl *sigh*
Yes, that is ordinary. You're just not an precipitate developer but based on your previous interrogate, your weight could be a factor here.
Yes. It adjectives depends on your body. You'll get it when your body is all set. Relax. Some girls don't get it until they are 16.
some society don't start until 18 or 19. Be happy that you don't hold it!
Not having your spell at 13 is perfectly average, everybody starts at different time. Be glad u dont have it!!
do not verbs... you are in the puberty stage... th mundane age for you to have term is between 10-16 years old :)

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