Ali Diet Pill?

Has any1 tried it, or read the book? I heard you can just eat a lasting amount of fat & if you get through more you get poopie lol.. thanx <3 Melanie

Diet pills are extremely harmful, and rarely work all right. (most that do work, stop working once you stop the pill, which means you gain adjectives the weight posterior, and then some)

Try this instead for a lasting fix!

Here's a plan; stick with it and you'll do fine. In certainty, I think you'll be suprised at newly how much more energy you own and happy you grain, not to mention toned. (p.s. it's unhealthy to lose more than 1-5 pound a week!)

Step 1: Don't munch through after 8PM.
Step 2: NO soda/pop
Step 3: 2 Liters of water a time
Step 4. 3 Glasses of HOT green tea a day.
Step 5. Replace three meal out of a week with a low-sodium soup.
Step 6. Eat a high-protien or fiber cereal within the morning. (whole grains are good) I individually am a fan of wheaties, multi-grain cheerios, frosted shredded wheats, Smart-Start and Malt-O-Meal. -Bacon is truly great because it's filling, so don't be afraid to hold a bacon and eggs with a cup of O.J. (you'll be nice and full of the things you need to hang on to you going without inkling hungry)
Step 7. Play Dance, Dance Revolution or another high cardio work out for at LEAST 20 minutes within the morning.
Step 8. Avoid High-Sugar Foods, period! If within is more sugar than there is anything else, in recent times say No!
Step 9. Measure your food. Eat 1-2 cups of food, six times a daylight.

Step 10 is the most important rule of adjectives.

Pick one day out of the week. On those days, you can humiliate all of the rules 1-9, but ONLY sooner or later a week!
There are only so masses calories that you can absorb surrounded by a single day, and by splurging, it make it easier to stick with a diet.

Bust the Myths!

Three specs of low-fat milk a day is moral for is yogurt...however Processed cheese is not!

Don't drink Diet! Fake sugar confuses your body and will actually trick your body into demanding more carbs. Your body isn't as fooled as you feel it is; it may not be sugar, but it's something...and that something needs 'fuel' to digest.
Unless you are diabetic, stay away from phony anything!

Purging through water...Don't!
Drinking too much hose down can actually basis your body to induce shock, also called as river toxin shock and other various name. You essentially 'drown' your organs and cause your tissue to 'flood' from the overdose.

hose down is great; but don't drink yourself sick!
Don't over-limit your more regularly, but less of doesn`t matter what you are eating.

Chew your food all right and take your time while ingestion. When you are halfway done, guage your hunger. Are you 75 percent full? Are you Starving? Are you Stuffed?

Stuffed is too far! It's truly unhealthy to stuff yourself, so stop when you surface you are comfortably full (about 75 percent full) and let the food settle. you can other eat more next, but you can't undo the discomfort of over-eating. (and wow, do we over-eat as a nation)
Haven't tried it, and at this point probably won't any. Check out the website to get more info. They even recommend wearing muddy pants and keeping an extra two of a kind with you because you may not know how to control your bowels. That could be quite crushing. You can't have more than 15 grams of fat/day and if you chomp through too much in one spread, you could have bowel problems.

"...gas next to oily spotting
loose stools
more frequent stools that may be complex to control...'s probably a smart idea to wear unlit pants, and bring a adjust of clothes with you to work..."
Diet pills aren't really a honourable idea, but I do know someone on them who isn't have any complications. But she is on a diet, too. You can't eat greasy/junk food on it. That one girl (the one next to the very tremendously long response) did a great job.. but I'll add on and correct a few things (I have lost over 150 lbs, i ponder I know what I'm talking going on for..)

Stop eating red meat! God, no don't guzzle bacon. You know how bad to be precise for you? If you want bacon in the morning, try some virtuous soy products. Really, cutting out as much meat products as you can and substituting them for inbred sources of protein really helps! I'm not recitation you to go total veggie if its not your piece, lol.

Oh and get on a regular exercise routine!

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