A Ring over in that?

Recently I was chitchat online to this lady who said she have done piercings on her vagina...Now, doesn't that hurt a lot!! or does it discern good?

It must hurt deeply
I have a friend who does piercings and he and his assistant (female) speak it REALLY hurts. I will never know for myself. I have see it and don't plan on going through it.
I hv no idea but i would articulate it HURTS ALOT!
duhhh it hurts when you get it and the soothing time but after if done rite mmmm it all worthy lol but honestly wouldnt recommand it because of the fact of the germs that live in the vigina make the piercing itself a very infectious one but yeah
Not after it's heal. Every piercing hurts immediately and afterward because of the bruising. Mine took in the order of 2 days for the swelling to subside, it hurt to bend over because of the stretching.

Also, it's impossible for a woman to get her vagina pierced because it's inside her body, I believe you're referring to labia, hood and other womanly genital piercings.

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