16 year older masculine beside breasts?

i am a 16 year old masculine and my breasts keep on growing and i dont know what it is my breasts could fit surrounded by a size c bra what could it be should i go to a doctor or not

If you're not overweight, it's most probable gynecomastia. Discuss it with your domestic doctor.
yeah have that checked out
you enjoy got to be kid me dude...
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omg! u hold to be like freaking kid me right??!..ok guys with man boobies dont where on earth ne bra man and ya see a doctor!!
if your overweight it could be what people name "man-boobs" if so loose weight and but for go see a doctor
u would involve to lose weight if its because youre podginess. dont eat soy products because soy make you produce more estrogen (female sex hormone) and that makes you more femenine
yeahhh u have to step to the endocrinologist, and he'll make u some hormonal examination,
what u have is call gynecomastia
but don't worry until that time being tested, sometimes it appears short reason, and u can other solve ur problem with an trouble-free surgery procedure

have a nice light of day..
yeah go to the doctor
thats gynecomastia dude.


i'd recommend you run see your doctor about it.
budge to the doctor..
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You may have a condition call Gynecomastia. It is not dangerous, except surrounded by some cases. It is best, however, that you consult with your doctor going on for treatment. He or she will know what to do for sure. From my experience, the Internet is not a good place to look for a diagnosis.

Sometimes, the condition may budge away by itself in a couple of years, but I don't ponder that that's how long you wish to hang about, right?
Get off the computer and budge play with friends dude, lol.
no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay dude
gooooooooo to the doc.
right very soon
That sounds like gynaecomastia - a condition where on earth a teenage boy have a (usually temporary) hormonal imbalance cause by puberty that results in masculine breast tissue. Don't be embarrassed to travel see a doctor. He/she will give you the best information and suggestion. You're condition is not that uncommon:

"Whether you involve tests depends on your age and what your doctor learn from your history and physical examination. Gynecomastia is adjectives in teen boys. As many as 65% of 14-year-old boys hold gynecomastia. If you are a teenager, you probably will not have need of tests. Your breast augmentation will probably go away on its own surrounded by 2 or 3 years."

Again, don't feel bleak about it and stir see a doctor. Good luck.

More info here:
your a hermaphadite-man on the outside female on the inside
um my 7th status science teacher said that...that it is merely growing chest muscles and when the rest of the body catches up it would extraordinarily hard to spot.
Loose Weight! Just exersice and drink right and your "Mam Boobs" will go away.
u enjoy be kidding that's worrisome dude go to the doctor and i know ur kid ur 16 ur parents would take u to the doctor if u really have boobs.
are you overweight?

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