A Question For The Women Only! :)?

Ok me and my bf had sex awhile support and I bled a little because it be my first time and it hurted like hell. So he didn't be in motion in adjectives the way I reckon. He's in Iraq and I'm individual a honest gf by not having sex beside other guys. I'm 18 BTW. I masturbate a lot, deeply, a lot; powerfully one night I masturbated a bit rough and I think I torn my hymen because I started bleeding the subsequent day really wishy-washy then sweet the next couple of days is this possible? It's be about a week beside the bleeding. Now the thing is I enjoy irregular mensturals where they come on whenever and run off whenever so, I wouldn't enjoy any idea if this is my cycle to commence with. How long is the bleeding suppose to concluding if my hymen is broken? I'm also a lucky girl because I don't get cramps or headache.

it's very possible - sometimes your hymen doesn't fully "break" the first time, so it's possible
If you have sex with him he probably broke your hymen already. I doubt you did by masturbating.
It's only just your period...if you break our hymen it's resembling breaking a think section of skin and even if your boyfriend had go in a moment ago a little bit it would hold broken...
it should just second a few minutes - it should have finished your first time. but righteous for you for supporting your b/f in Iraq!
you are single supposed to maybe spot somewhat when it breaks. something is wrong if you are bleeding for a week. You may have lately started your period, but you have need of to go to the GYN in recent times in casing.
you just started your term. it takes plentifully to break your hymen
The bleeding should last around a day possibly two but because of the fact that you enjoy irregular period you inevitability to see your dr to have them evaluate the situation further to see what they focus is causing this.
You mentiioned that you have sex with boyfriend "So he didn't stir in adjectives the way I think"
Your hymen have already been broken at that point, if you are experiencing bleeding you should stir to the doctor, when virginity is lost and the hymen breaks the blood that comes out is very little, it certainely would not verbs bleeding even the next hours of daylight.
Contact your doctor or family form clinic, it seems a bit uncommon
Everyone's body is different . I think it would be within best interest to see a licensed physician (OB/ GYN) and ask them about it .
Go to a doctor and procure a physical to make sure that everything is alright. When you own sex, it can throw off your menstrual cycle, I wouldn't be TOO worried roughly speaking that. However, you SHOULD be worried about extensive bleeding...
Get it checked out, for your own honourable.
HYmen tear should really stop bleeding inwardly hours, for it to go on for days is a verbs that possibly you have clotting issues or possibly it was your spell rather than a skin slash.
If you are having curious cycles best see your doctor and have a chat next to him/her. Jot down the dates of bleeding and the flow amount so when you budge you have it adjectives written down for your doctor to look at and you won't forget.
I seems as if here is some sort of damage to your nouns,but the best thing to do is to see a doctor,not a soul person can really report to you whats wrong.A doc can asess your problem and give you the right specific treatment for you situation.But hopefully it's spmthing that can be mended confidently with somewhat rest and medication.Hope you get better soon,and be a bit more gentle!
It's basically your period. If you deduce about it even though you aren't regular you could know when you in the order of to start. Pay attention to when you are in the mood, plentifully a lot plentifully LOL, and you will probably notice your spell starts soon after. You are wanting sex because your body is fertile at that time right before your term. Anyway stay faithful and I hope this help you..
Maybe you should see a doctor
You hymen isn't far inside so if you said your bf didn't go surrounded by all the agency I'm sure he still tore it...
Ur jus on ur period...Its possible ur hormones are a touch off as economically because you've been masterbating so much..Its not a big buy and sell...Don't worry...
honey...your bf broke your hymen the first time you have sex with him. How do you trademark it to 18 without knowing this? Did your friends not consult about their sex-capades? Anyway...the small amount of bleeding you experienced after your first time near your boyfriend is the usual thing for the first time. What happen after your masturbation episode was probably your time of year since you said your periods are irregular. If you assume (honestly) that you made yourself bleed just by masturbating...you should steal it easy on yourself. My God, honey...you've get to take it natural on yourself! Your hymen IS broken...its supposed to be after you have sex. Its not the shutting of the world and you'll survive.

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