A put somebody through the mill just about condoms?

i heard u can reuse lamb skin condoms. is this true? can i use trojans more than once?

Why would you want to re-use them...
No NO NO!! Condoms are to be used one and only once.
No way! Never reuse a condom unless you want a look in from the stork and the STD fairy.
do you even own anyone to do it once with?
no. you cant reuse them..theyll be more likly to break
NO WAY! travel get yourself some educatuion that you didn't bring back off the street. Save yourself alot of hassle when it comes to STDs and babies
no and u cant use condums more then once thats a big NO NO
it isn't advisable as you can get hold of infection
Ew, reusing condoms is both gross and stupid. Its really easy to get underway another pkg.
Don't use lamb skin condoms. I don't think they are as successful as latex. I have never hear that you can use them twice. I don't think you should be using them twice.
That is so disgusting. Why would you want to re-use a condom?
NO, don't reuse a condom! If you're that cheap, next just jack sour by yourself!
Yes you can reuse them, but you have to turn them inside out after the first use... and you just have a minute to do it
ive never hear anything about that..but realy why would you want to use a condom more consequently once?? just draw from another one..they are not that expensive.
condoms can only be used ONCE. you are putting you partner at a GREAT risk if you use any more then once. Once they are used one time, they are no longer powerful or protective. PLEASE ALWAYS USE A NEW ONE!
No, don't do that!
No, that's just stupid and gross. If you can't afford condoms next you shouldn't be having sex.
rinse out them good and to see if within any holes in them or if you can't afford to buy them run to the health department for free condoms
Do you plan on wash the condom afterwards or just sticking it stern on?
Dont be so f*cking lazy. If you love and respect the girl next youl atleast have the worthiness to go and buy some.
Always come prepared. Girls deserve it.
lol...no child.. you enjoy to use a new one respectively time .. dont' be so cheap... you'll get somebody sick...
This is what happen when we have thrift only sex lessons. Ah, this is Bush's work.
No man, thats just sick and wrong.
Never re use a condom. Never.
Never re-use a condom! It's not sterilized close to a pre-packaged condom and can still get you pregnant or pass you STDs, especially if used right after the first time you used it. Emptying it does not get adjectives of the semen out and so some can escape and leak onto the outside of the condom, possibly entering inside of you.

People within Africa do this only because they cannot find condoms because the African governing body eliminated them beside the help of the U.S. senate. This further spreads STDs and the AIDS virus. Be smart...here we have te priviledge of have such easy access to condoms. They're not that expensive and you can draw from them for free at Planned Parenthood. For your own sake, please don't re-use condoms!

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