3 years after mastectomy +lymph glands removed am still exceptionally sensitive below arms when wearing bra, any back?

Try a bra that does not go so lofty under your arm, this is probably keeping it sore, while its still mending. My neighbour get a good one from grades and spencer they werre veryn helpful and help her with a honourable fitting. she had like peas in a pod and she is so brave as I expect you are. Carry on living and lovingXXx
My first question would be what take place first and then try to answer your sound out
I suspect the problem is not going to go away after this long. I assume at 3 years you are still contained by follow up. I would ask your consultant, via his secretary to put you in touch beside one of the liaison nurses ( these may be called mastectomy nurses or breast cancer nurse). Your problem is not creative and there may ably be a specialist medical supplier who has a bra which is specially suited for you.

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