Abdominal pains?

I posted a question not too long ago nearly being moody and have severe cramps. Well Im beginning to contemplate they're not cramps. When I stretch out my belly muscles such as stand up, I get sharp pains.. They come and budge very repeatedly. Sometimes it feels resembling pulled muscles but I just dont know.. Have any thinking? I know I should go to the doctor but I work 6 days a week and I really dont hold time. But itll probably come down to it. And also I know my bf gets tired of me complaining but he have no idea how much misery Im in.

I do gymnastics and I catch muscular pains all the time, its sounds deeply like what your describing. Just try to relax and it will jump away soon..

Take care x
you could own a hernia - please call your doctor today.
economically it sounds like you pulled a muscle...i did impossible to tell apart thing...everytime i would try to carry up from the couch or i would stretch while standing up or even laying down it would verbs. and it would pull so complex i could not even say anything! i would merely like curl up surrounded by a ball. it took a couple months for mine to be in motion away...but if yours is happening too frequently later i would get it check out..it could other be a hurnia too...so i would just draw from it checked out to be on the safe side.
Do yourself a favor and run see a doctor. There are too many different things that this could be. Given how fruitless the pain is, you should really want medical attention. As far as your work schedule is concerned, going to the doctor very soon could save you from have to miss more of work later. Besides, your body know best. Listen to it.

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