"Instead SoftCup"?

Have any women here tried the new Instead SoftCup? It's supposed to be an alternative to pad and tampons and it's designed to collect your menstrual flow, and they say you can wear it longer than a tampon. My grill is, for anyone who has tried it, be it messy when you removed it? And was it humiliated?? They said on the website that you can have sex next to it in; why would you want to do that?

I enjoy tried them. They are pretty messy. When I used them I would be sure I was home surrounded by time to change it. It wasn't mortified at all. You hold sex with them surrounded by because there is no mess because it keep all the blood inside the cup. Over adjectives I didn't like them.
no hold you
I havent but it sounds a little fishy to me. I must investigate! lol
I haven't tried it, but I'd surmise the reason you could own sex in it is because it collects the blood instead of it still flowing while have sex. I'm not completely sure though.
i haavent but a close friend of mine did, she said she hated it because it get relly messy at the end/
but thats her opiuin

try it outt

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