Im 17 and enjoy never be to the gyno, im sooo startled? is it as embarresing as it sounds?

Answers:    it is not embarasing!! that is the doctors living! they are used to it! there commission is to sit there and look at vaginas adjectives day it is not embarasing! they pinch the speculem(the big metal thing they stick up within that kinda hurts then they pilfer samples near dofferent tools. it is not so bad! obedient luck

if you wanna see what they do look it up on youtube maybe they enjoy something about it!?! idk
I worked within labor and delivery and within women's surgery for 20 years and I have never see anyone that was comfortable near going to the gyn doctor!! There are ways to lessen your fear and your unease!! You can pick either a woman or a man, whichever you are more comfortable beside, believe me they DO NOT think roughly speaking any individual being different than the other!! As it is, once you see one you see them all, sorry if that sounds cruel, but it IS the truth!! I am taking my girls to the gyn doctor contained by the next couple of weeks and they are have the same shameful fears as you are!! Just psych yourself up and remember how IMPORTANT it is for you to go and you singular have to move about 1 time a year!! Good Luck to you!

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