Does tercanazole effect a discharge?

I'm taking it for yeast infection and some antibiotics for bv. I'm a thick white discharge still but I can't enlighten if it's the cream or the infections. Will tercanazole cause a discharge throughout the time if I use it before I be in motion to bed or is it a sign that I still have the infection.

P.S. Anyone here tried Fem Dophilus? I only just started taking it and would like to hear from someone else who tried it. Thanks!

Answers:    It's terconazole. Discharge isn't tabled as a side effect on but just roughly any vaginal cream will cause a discharge, since not adjectives of it is absorbed.

I've never used Fem Dophilus, but the Chicago Tribune's alternative form writer recommended it. I take regular acidophilus caplets, and they appear to help me fend rotten yeast infections.

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