Abnormal menstrual Period?

Hello everybody.I just want to ask if someone got semilar problem with me.My monthly period is regular every month.I have problem my mentrual flow its very low. Only spotting for 2 days i have no pain and then its over.i have very bad migrain before and after my period.In the past i keep visiting a Doctor my Gynecologist told me its just a stress .I have regular papsmear every year.I dont know whats happening with my body.I am not fat woman or skinny i am in the right weight.I stop playing tennis because i was thinking maybe that is the reason but its still the same i still have very low period...Please help..Thank you

Yes, it's possible that it could be stress related but I would recommend getting another opinion to be on the safe side. I would recommend doing it with someone that does not share the same office of the dr that you currently have seen.

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