A examine around breast size and implant. Any thoughts?

I am a pre-op transsexual currently on hormones. Based on the women in my nearest and dearest, it is unlikely that I will develop more than a B cup. I think I might close to to be bigger, at least a C cup, but besides mortal somewhat afraid of the breast implant surgery, I own other concerns about rear trouble, etc. However, I may be willing to pocket the rish because I do want to be more physically attractive once I have completed my transition. Any counsel?

Well as a woman with C's. they are the lowest possible of attractiveness. I approaching guys to talk to me and look at my frontage not my chest. Honestly I think you hold enough to promise with short more surgery and complications.

Give it some time, see what happens. Breasts are freshly breasts. If you decide next donw the road that you want them bigger then stir for it.
One of the most beautiful women I ever dated be an A cup. Her "stuff" was lately plain beautiful. Surgery would hold ruined them.
You are currently a man correct? If so the additional shipment of your new "twins" should be no problem since you own a male frame. A 38C-D cup will obstinately help to bear what could otherwise be odd looks away from other areas (depending on you build, be it mannish of feminine, your hands foot could be far bigger than the typical woman's) as well as pack out certain types of women's clothing better and offer you more options for clothes.

Good luck
I'm a 32GG. I own chronic back problems and whilst it be 'fun' in the formation it seriously is a pain very soon.

I can't buy dresses because I have a 16/18 bust a 12 waist and 14 hip my blouses swing off me at the shoulder because I own to buy them big enough to do up, it's miserable.

It could be worse though, because they could be implats and after I'd have the misery of getting them replaced every 10 years (provided logically that nothing go wrong).

You can be a your most physically attractive if you can go around near a big smile.

You can always flatter and enhance your cleavage near an uplift and/or gel bra.

Good luck
c cups...no bigger is what i would go beside...usually anything bigger than a c looks too fake..
I would not jump bigger than a C cup.
I seriously doubt that the hormones will make your breasts similiar to other women within your family. You technically are not dealing near genetics here.

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