!Girls lone!! Sex quiz?

When I was 15 I have sex wit my boyfriend back than (now my ex). He be my first an so was I. It didnt hurt at adjectives when we had sex, I didn't really be aware of him inside. Does that mean I never really have sex? or is it that he was small?

You have sex so that means you are no longer a virgin, Even if you couldn't grain him inside you. The link below lead to a size chart for the penis. If he was within you then you have sex.
You had sex.

You may not own been remarkably sensitive to it, he could have be small, or your hymen may have already be broken. Regardless, you are no longer a virgin.

And do you mind if I ask...why is your name infected?
He be small chica
i guess he was lately small. pretty much once he penetrated u, u weren't a virgin anymore it doesnt matter if it hurt
he be small. now, you be 15 WAY TOO YOUNG!
you are big.
you obviously have sex, maybe he be just really small. lol
8=D .. 8====D ... 8========D which size fits?
gurl! he be small onces it goes contained by you can never go final!!
you had sex ... he be just small
omfg u whore

oh very well

is it my turn yet?
you have sex he was small or u be big
He may have be small, and you may have already broken your hymen, but what I reason the issue is, is when you're not really excited or horny, you can barely even surface anything going in or out, but when you're turned on the nouns swells and you can feel every little touch and stroke, so, I suggest you were simply nervous and not really horny/excited adequate.

The first time is always awkward, so who care if it wasn't the best. At least it's out of the bearing and it only get better from there.
He be probably small.
He was probably small. Your subsequent one will hopefully be normal or for a time bigger. This should be a better time for you next time.

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