Am i and my freind butter?

im 13 weigh 100lbs. and am 5'2. am i too fat? o and is my freind flabby? she is 13 weighs 118 lbs, and is 5'2.
please answer!

You both are surrounded by the right range.
Your friend is at a pious weight for her distance from the ground. You are a little underweight.
No. The athletic weight for someone who is 5'2" should be around 110lbs supply or take some. So you are both fine =)
You are both hearty although you are a bit under bulk
at 5'2" you should weigh between 98lbs and 130lbs .. so you are both fine
No this is normal for ur age/height. As u seize older u will start toning up and grain alot fitter. Ur weight may stop at a convinced age and stay at that for a while. Exercise and eating properly suspended diets can achieve a pious weight. Drink plenty of wet which is also good for ur skin.
That sounds in the order of normal to me. I'm 5'6" and am 125 and look okay. You two nouns fine though.
Ur friend is right wear she should b but u r a little lower than weight
nope looks similar to you guys are normal!

I miserable . . . seriously?

If you are honestly worried that you are fat I would suggest seeing your doctor who can suggest a counselor dealing beside body image issues.

And if you freshly want to show off how restricted you are with a "omigawd, I'm a size two, I'm, similar to, soooo fat!!" little monologue, spare us.
Are you KIDDING?

I craving I was that shipment at that hight.

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